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Creation of wealth

Creation of wealth added by professionalism and its synergy

Wealth Management, Inc. raises corporate slogan as “Creation of wealth added by professionalism and its synergy”, and we are working on our business with the aim of achieving sustainable growth by offering in-depth services to all of our clients as the specialists that keep promises by each of our members of the Group.

Wealth Management, Inc., lists stocks in the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, conducts business management of group companies as a holding company, and also makes principal investment in fund structures that group companies originate.
Currently, we mainly deal with two subsidiaries, i.e., Richesse Management, Inc., which engages in real estate securitization business, and Hotel W Management, Inc., which operates hotels and leases property, in order to support our customers.

Group Structure

Group Companies

  • Richesse Management, Inc.

    Richesse Management, Inc. is a "boutique" real estate securitization company that experts who are familiar with the real estate market create investment opportunities and business plans that meet the need of investors from the customer's point of view.

  • Hotel W Management, Inc.

    Hotel W Management, Inc., is a hotel operating company as a hotel operator, through such as profit management, on-site management, by collaborating with overseas first-class international hotel management companies.