Investment Value Innovation


Wealth Management Group will carry out business based on the following mission.

  1. Through real estate securitization and hotel operations, we will play a role in disseminating various tourism resources in Japan to the outside world.

  2. We will aim to be a group that keeps promises not only as a company but also as an individual person.

  3. We will build a long-term relationship of trust with stakeholders, i.e., investors, shareholders, employees by strengthening our internal management control, developing human resources, and promoting growth strategies in line with the current and future business environment.


  • Richesse Management, Inc.

    We will propose and build up the best scenario by utilizing our knowledge and experience in each field such as real estate, finance, accounting, appraisal of real estate.

  • World Brands Collection
    Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

    As a hotel operator, we will provide optimal services to customers through revenue management and on-site management.


Hotels Operated by Wealth Management Group