Greeting from the Representative Director

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for Wealth Management Group's business.

The Group was founded in 1999 and now has the corporate slogan "Creation of wealth added by professionalism and its synergy" , with the two major business domain of the real estate securitization and hotel management. As a portfolio of real estate securitization business, we have covered the categories of offices, hotels, and commercial facilities, and in recent years we have focused particularly on hotels.
Currently, there is a growing need for domestic institutional investors and overseas investors for securitized real estate investment with tax benefits. We also see growing need for inbound demand as ”Tourism Nation Japan”, which is a growth strategy of "Abenomics" in recent years.

The number of inbound tourists in Japan has shown a high growth rate of 8 million people, 12 million people and 24 million people over the past 3 years.
Looking at the other countries, France, the top runner of inbound business, accepts that 86 million tourists each year, and we still see the difference is so large.
However, it is said that there are 65 million potential inbound visitors in Japan, and if we appeal to foreign tourists such as Japan's unique culture, the beautiful four seasons and the tasty food, we surely believe that we can achieve the market of 65 million people from overseas.

One of the strengths of the Group in the real estate securitization business is that we have the connection with global investors through global funds.
We are raising funds by utilizing a wide range of networks, from US pension fund to Asian and Chinese high net worth.
We are proud that the securitized structures involving these overseas investors are functioning because we have developed the asset management business for many years.
By 2020, we would like to pile up the portfolio of 100 billion Japanese Yen, and plan to grow sales turnover in our hotels we operate to 10 billion Yen.

Regarding the field of hotel operations, we will also diversify the product line-up that can respond to the need of various customers in the near future, such as upper-class boutique hotels and hostels for backpackers, as well as economy-type hotels that we are currently working on.
In developing the hotel operations, we would like to maximize our return by tying up with hotel management companies with international brand while minimizing risk.

We will continue to work hard to further strengthen our internal management control, develop human resources and promote growth strategy in order to strive to provide services suited to customers and the need under the existing environment.
We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the future.

We would like you to expect our future development of Wealth Management Group.

Kazutoshi Senno
Representative Director